A History of The Abbeyfield Society.

Then … The beginning of The Abbeyfield Society.

Our Founder

Picture of Abbeyfield Founder Richard Carr-Gomm

Abbeyfield began in 1956 when Richard Carr-Gomm became concerned at the number of sad elderly faces staring fixedly from windows, during a visit to Bermondsey.

He resigned his commission with the Coldstream Guards, moved from Chelsea Barracks to a bed-sit in Abbeyfield Road and became a home-help.

During his visits as a home-help, he found that loneliness was the problem and so he spent his army gratuity on a house in Eugenia Road and invited four lonely people to join him.

By Christmas 1956 he had become the very first Abbeyfield housekeeper.

For more details about the origin and structure of the Abbeyfield Society go to http://www.abbeyfield.com/about-us/

Now … The current Abbeyfield Society.

The Abbeyfield Hoylake & West Kirby Society, like all Abbeyfield Societies, is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making the lives of older people easier and more fulfilling.

We help people to live independently by providing a range of services, all of which are linked to the local community.


Our staff are qualified and dedicated and we believe it is vital to keep them up to date with all aspects of care for our residents; which is why we have a programme in place to satisfy all our training needs.


Volunteers are the backbone of Abbeyfield; without them, we would not be able to achieve and maintain our high standards;

They undertake a range of roles including:

  • Being a trustee of the society
  • Befriending residents
  • Arranging social events
  • Fund raising
  • Monitoring health and safety
  • Managing house staff
  • Selecting new residents
  • Managing maintenance
  • Managing budgets

For full details or to apply to become a volunteer please contact us by clicking here)

The Future … of The Abbeyfield Hoylake and West Kirby Society.

Although we’ve been caring for the older population in West Wirral for almost 50 years we’re not standing still and, following months of planning and research the Society is now poised to go ahead with the development of a 30-bed care centre, catering solely for people suffering with dementia and their families. This is the first of its kind in the north-west of England.

Uniquely, the project is being undertaken in association with the University of Liverpool, allowing the Society access to world-class research in the field of dementia care. The University has also pledged to make managers of the centre honorary members, giving them access to support and development for training, treatment, evaluation and continuous improvement programmes.

A multi-disciplined approach from the University will further provide an invaluable mentor role to the management, to increase training, standards of treatment and quality.

The aim of the Society is to provide the best possible level of care and treatment in a borough with a higher than average number of dementia sufferers.

We will create a unit focussed solely on the care of dementia patients which means their needs would be met first and this would go a long way to helping them keep their independence.

Picture of Richard Carr-Gomman Dame Judie Dench Picture of Richard Carr-Gomm in Southwark Picture of Richard Carr-Gomm at an Abbeyfield home

Abbeyfield Hoylake & West Kirby Society,

Seafield House, 17 Darmonds Green, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 5DT

Telephone:0151 625 1092 | Fax:0151 625 4391

Registered Charity number 233269 | Registered Company number 784499 | Homes and Communities Agency Number 2854